Who is Godly Glam Girl?

Godly Glam Girl, also known as Chrissy Rynveld. A daughter of God longing to serve others and share with women the true meaning of beauty. Her passion is to help women to embrace their God given beauty from the inside out. A woman who knows how truly fearfully and wonderfully made she is, is a woman who is unstoppable. She is a woman who will empower her sisters around her and call out the gold in each other.  


Chrissy’s passion in beauty was an unexpected gift from God in her life. Her passion started as a hobby in high school which turned to a personal outlet that allowed her to express herself in a way that she otherwise couldn’t. Growing up conservative and a serious athlete, there was not a lot of space in her life for makeup or “girly” things like that. Little did she know, God had big plans for her “little” hobby.


Chrissy graduated with an undergraduate degree from California Baptist University and was also commissioned in the US Army as a logistics officer. She then pursued many different avenues in her career before finally taking a leap of faith to attend cosmetology school. She soon realized that her true calling was in ministry of supporting women through the gifts God given her. God had not only given her these gifts as an avenue in her own healing but as a way to help and serve other women. And to show them that healing is also possible for them through God. Chrissy decided to dedicate her life to using the gifts God gave her to share Gods love. To share how God had healed her in her life and love his daughters through beauty. She currently works in Hermosa Beach at Beach Beauty Salon as well as a freelance makeup artist for weddings, photo-shoots and more. She continues to serve in the US Army Reserves as a logistics officer.

Godly Glam Girl

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